Hitphile Sourcing Process

We help you import from China in 6 Steps

submit inquire-hitphile.com

Submit your inquiry

Submit a detailed purchase information form and an assistant will contact you within a few hours.

Step 1

send you the quotes- hitphile.com

send you the quotes

After the assistant understands your purchase requirements in detail, he will select the appropriate supplier and quotation for you within 3 working days.

Step 2

sample settlement- hitphile.com

Sample settlement

The assistant will assist you in processing the sample settlement when you confirm the MOQ and price.

The samples can be shipped together on the specified date to save you a lot of costs.

Customized sample mold fees can be deducted in future bulk commodity orders.

Step 3

hitphile mass production

Confirm samples for mass production

After you confirm the quality and quantity of the samples, the advance payment will be delivered following the deposit ratio so that we can arrange factory production. Your agent coordinate with factories, follow up production, ensure products correctly.

Step 4

hitphile product completed

Production completed and payment

After the factory production is completed, the buyer will settle all the balance and the goods will be shipped soon.

Step 5

hitphile air-freight shipment

Inspection and shipping

Your agent helps you collect products in our warehouse, inspect quality, and arrange courier/sea/air shipping to any address of your country. 

Step 6

Let’s help your business grow fast and easy!